About Steve

Steve spent the majority of his 22 year military career in Europe in military intelligence during and immediately following the Cold War. He has in-depth personal experience of counterintelligence work during the 1980s, often referred to as “the decade of the spies”.

Steve now lives in Ohio and is active in his pursuits of photography, crafting stained-glass panels and studying the Civil War.

“The Orchestration” is his first novel.

Interview with the author:

 What types of readers will be interested in this book?

– Anyone interested in espionage and counterintelligence, and using their abilities to solve a complex literary puzzle will find my book interesting.

 What is special about your book?

– The book was easier to write because it was based on knowledge and extensive experience rather than research.  Although the plot is fiction, the noted investigative techniques, to include surveillance tactics, are based on personal experiences and methodology used during the period of time I was assigned to Europe.

 Do you plan to publish more?

– “The Orchestration” is my first effort at writing a novel, but I am currently working on another book that will, for the most part, involve the same characters.